Memphis & Shelby County Office of Re-entry

Memphis & Shelby County Office of Re-entry is a collaborative effort to aide offenders with the tools necessary to ensure their successful community re-entry with family, employment and education.

The office is a collaboration of three government entities - the Shelby County Division of Corrections’ Re-entry Program, the City of Memphis Second Chance program and the Tennessee Board of Probation and Parole.

The Office of Re-entry serves as a “one-stop” interactive resource center for ex-offenders to navigate in a healthy environment. The Division of Corrections program addresses needs of the incarcerated citizen as they prepare for release; The City of Memphis Second Chance Program has been restructured and it will continue to focus on reducing recidivism through training, job readiness, and job development in an effort to create opportunities for employment. The Tennessee Board of Probations and Parole provides the supervision required by the State of Tennessee.

Collaborative services among the three agencies include: case management, life-coaching, job training and job placement which is expected will create a lasting change for the individual and ultimately for our community.

The vision of the Office of Re-entry is to mobilize resources to ensure offenders are equipped to succeed at life once they return from incarceration and to reduce the likelihood to recidivate.

The vision for the joint office for re-entry services originated as an initiative with Operation: Safe Community, a program of the Memphis Shelby Crime Commission (MSCC). MSCC is made up of representatives of government, law enforcement, the Greater Memphis Chamber of Commerce, schools, faith-based organizations and other community organizations that meet monthly to discuss ways to reduce and prevent crime throughout Shelby County.

The Memphis & Shelby County Office of Re-entry staff is comprised of staff from the City of Memphis, the Tennessee Board of Probation and Parole, and Shelby County Government (Division of Corrections).